Why Use Majestic Warrior for Social Media Marketing for Your Practice

Social media is now taking over, albeit gradually, traditional, offline marketing. Entrepreneurs and freelancers turn to social networking sites to promote their services and products, and to reach of wider range of clients.

But for lawyers who are taken as high-profile professionals, it seems seeking clients through social media is an odd step. This doesn’t mean, however, that they should discredit the value of social media to lawyers, as social media offers a lot of benefits to them and their clients.

In 2012, attorneys began looking at social media as a tool to help them find clients and provide immediate service to them. In the same year, there has been a 63 percent increase in the number of lawyers who use social media in their legal practice. There has also been a significant increase in the number of people asking for legal services via social networking sites.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing to Lawyers

Attorneys can benefit from social media marketing because the latter is now the fastest way to gain clients, recommendations, and feedback. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help in gaining leverage in terms of exposure. Moreover, lawyers can take advantage of social media through these ways:

  1. They can find out about their clients’ opinion regarding their firms.

It is highly likely that clients will post comments and praises for the law firm they like. On the other side of the coin, they might also post complaints and other matters for improvement. Nevertheless, social media is a great source of information from clients. These concerns help lawyers rethink their plans, strategies, and services.

  1. Lawyers will see what matters most to their clients.

Through hashtags and keywords, lawyers will see which topics that their prospective clients care about. These topics serve as foundations for research so that the legal services will be tailored to the needs of the clients. Lawyers can also use social media to gauge the kind of clients they have.

  1. Lawyers can choose whatever platform suits their approach best.

Attorneys don’t have to maximize all the social networking sites to promote their services, but they can choose the one that suits their approach. If the approach deals with giving a lot of testimonials and descriptions, attorneys may use Facebook. This site allows lawyers to discuss points, explain samples of cases, and extrapolate legal terms for the convenience of their clients. If the approach is more visual than textual, Instagram can be a better option.  

  1. Social media helps lawyers set and attain their goals.

The platform that lawyers use in their services will help determine their objectives. The goal must be specific and measurable. The goal must be clear. Lawyers can use the real-time and quick nature of social media to inform their clients about laws and legalities. They can make important announcements, too.

  1. Lawyers can plan the content through social media.

As mentioned, attorneys can already set goals and plan what they can include in their social media pages. The target audience must be considered. If the legal services cater to married couples, the content of the page must be relevant to this demographic.

  1. Social media helps lawyers be consistent.

Because people always visit Facebook and Twitter pages, they will expect that the professionals they follow online would continuously update their content and respond to comments and queries.

  1. Social media creates a sense of community involvement.

Compared to going personally to the law firm, conducting legal services online and through social media creates the impression that everyone in the law firm is involved. It also shows they are willing to work with their clients.

  1. Lawyers can create a blog using social media.

A blog is an online journal that is similar to a website. There are contents, widgets, apps, and other features that contribute to reaching the law firm’s objectives. Social media sites now offer blog features to maximize the use of the platform.

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Lawyers are now accessible through social media. Majestic Warrior’s Attorney Social Media Services will help establish rapport and a more meaningful relationship with their clients. Though social media benefits lawyers, it cannot be discounted that even clients will reap the benefits of this improvement in legal services.