Gain More Clients with Majestic Warrior’s Attorney SEO Services

Gone are the days when people in need of legal services simply asked recommendations from their family and friends for lawyers or law firms. Today, a lot of potential clients look for legal help online.

Law professionals who only focus on gaining experience and building network aren’t likely to thrive in the changing marketing landscape. Digital marketing is here, and it’s here to stay. If your prospects shop for legal services online, then you should set up your own virtual office: your website.


What Makes an Ideal Optimized Website for a Lawyer?

A website is a basic requirement for modern-day law marketing. However, your marketing efforts shouldn’t stop at creating your website, detailing your legal services, and posting your contact information therein. With the growing competition among law firms and individual practitioners online, you need to found online.

Here at Majestic Warrior, we help you get an ideal website fit for a law professional. To do that, we take into consideration four important factors, namely:

  • what you need
  • what you don’t want
  • what your prospects and clients need
  • what search engines want
  • we recommend and make changes to your website based on need


What You Need

Other SEO professionals out there promise to bring your website to the top spot in search engine results pages (SERPs). No one can guarantee you the #1 spot in rankings on Google. We have a great track record working with attorneys in competitive areas helping them rank on the first page for multiple, multiple keyword search phrases. Our goal is to help your website rank and gain traffic in all your target practice areas. 

The end goal is to get you clients. Your website has to rank well in SERPs to achieve that, but your ranking is just one factor. Our Attorney SEO Services help you determine and employ all the strategies needed to achieve your end goal.


What You Don’t Want

We put much weight on your specialization. If you specialize in civil law, we make sure your website is optimized to target only those who need civil law services. You don’t want to end up with prospects who are on the hunt for other legal services. Aside from them, you don’t want to get leads from those who are just looking for clarifications and DIY remedies.

You need to enumerate the things you don’t want in your online marketing campaign in order to:

  • filter low-quality leads
  • trim down your marketing costs
  • increase your conversion rate


What Search Engines Want

This is the most challenging factor out of the four. This is where we plan most of the technical aspects of SEO.

Search engines update their algorithms all the time. As SEO professionals, we have to study the changes and adjust our strategies accordingly. With our team, you can focus on your cases and let us handle the changes on your website, content marketing strategy and SEO to help make your practice more successful. 

Majestic Warrior’s Attorney SEO services include organic SEO, local SEO and maps optimization. Organic SEO enables your website to rank better in SERPs in a national or even global scale. In contrast, Local SEO helps you attract leads in your area of service. Maps Optimization means improving your website’s ranking in searches made in online maps. All of our services are geared towards helping you survive and excel in the competitive legal services industry.


Local SEO for Attorneys

At Majestic Warrior we take our knowledge of SEO and Local SEO to help your business stand out in your target location. Local SEO and maps optimization help each other hand-in-hand. A change from Google back in 2014 aligned these two areas and now help one another along with content marketing and syndication. Our platform can help you achieve the results you are looking for to gain new clients from your online marketing platform.


What is Local Maps Optimization?

Basically, local maps optimization is the maximization of your business’ listing on local maps. These listings include those from big search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is no longer enough that you are on a search engine listing. What you need is an optimized listing that people can easily be directed to online whenever they try to search for your business or a similar one.

Why is it important to be in the local maps listings?

The reason why businesses wish to be on the top local map listings is because it connects them to prospective and return clients. Of course, it is necessary that what they find online on your listing gives them valuable and useful information they can actually use. Some examples of this information include your realistic and accurate location on a map, business hours, products and services offered, contact information and general information on your business or company. When all these information are included in the local map listing, not only are customers drawn to you and what you have to offer, they are also enticed to actually come to your business. Read more about local maps optimization on Majestic Warrior at

Our results speak for themselves. This is a screen shot from a dashboard snapshot of 5 clients we work with that have 55 #1 rankings (including Google Places), 19 top 3 rankings and 69 top 10 rankings. This tracking is for our clients actual keyword target phrase rankings for their website. We only track your target keyword phrases like DUI attorney “your city”, and we track the performance to show you your website results month over month. We focus on Google Places, organic rankings and traffic to your website to monitor your campaigns performance.


So what are you waiting for?

If you are an attorney and are looking for a company to handle your Local Lawyer SEO and optimization, get in touch with Majestic Warrior today and see how we can help your practice. Call us at (888) 717-6864 today.